Southpart Apartments - Ron Irving of Southpark Apts in Terre Haute, Indiana are slum lords.

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Ron Irvin of Southpark Apts in Indiana is a slum lord. Him and his wife are rip off artist. I am POA for my god son who is the army. He signed a lease in advance of the next school year at ISU but told the Irvins that he was in army and he may have to leave. The deposit was $250.00 which 3 people paid who would live there. after Him being notified by ISU that he would not be able to go there. I notified the Irvins of this and he had to move to Louisville, Ky to go to school because he has to be in ROTC by the army. The were in no way nice about it. We had some one go take pics of the apt when it should be ready and it was not. One of the girls who was the live there could not because of her dad. He said it was a dump. The gave one guy his $250 back but refused the others. When i called Ron Irvin about this he always had this wife talk and not him. She said Randy could not get his money back because he owed one of the other gusy money. I told her this had nothing to do with the apts. She was nasty rude and no way nice about this. I ask for the address of there office and she refused but only gave a address for a empty apt in one of the houses. i sent them a letter advising them i would file complaints if they did not refund the money. I explained to him if the army had him move then it was not his fault and he soul get his money back. I got a letter from Ron Irvin stating in it that " If Randy signed the agreement knowing that his obligations to the military would preclude him from satisfying the contract, then this is tantamount to fraud" Is this guy not an American. This proves he does not care that Randy gives his life for service to his country and he had the nerve to say if the military stop him from doing the lease he did fraud to him.

I filed a complaint with Attorney General of Indiana and they refused to answer the complaint. They told us to get a lawyer to seek lawful help.

The Irvins are not listed under a business for Southpark Apts. There apts are no good and need to be shut down. I would not be surprised if they paid no taxes.

We need to ban together and let all students in Terre Haute, Indiana area know never to rent from these people. I tried to do a small claims on these people but Randy was sent to Florida and it was suggested it would be hard to do it since he was so far away.

Never Rent From this un-American scam artiest!

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thanks for sharing. I'll avoid ever renting an apt. from this complex.

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